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Quran Studies
The Quran's Self Image (right click, save as)
Daniel Madigan
Logic, Rhetoric, Legal Reasoning in The Quran (right click, save as) or (left click)
Rosalind Ward Gwynne
God and Man in the Quran (left click) or Download HERE (right click, save as)
Toshihiko Izutsu
Ethico-Religious Concepts in The Quran (right click, save as)
Toshihiko Izutsu

Foreign Vocabulary of The Quran (right click, save as)
Arthur Jeffery
Arabic-English Dictionary of Quranic usage (left click)
Elsaid M. Badawi and Muhammad Abdel Haleem
Discovering The Quran (right click, save as)
by Neal Robinson
Dictionary of Quranic Terms and Concepts (left click)
Mustansir Mir
Coherence in The Quran (left click)
Mustansir Mir
Verbal Idioms of The Quran (right click, save as)
Mustansir Mir
Modern Muslim Koran Interpretation (1880-1960) (right click, save as)
J.M.S Baljon
Quran as Scripture (left click)
Arthur Jeffery

an introduction to quran (left click)
william montgomery watt
the original sources of quran (left click)
william tisdall

Understanding Quran: Themes and Style (right click, save as)
Muhammad Abdel Haleem
Introduction to Quran (left click)
Richard Bell and M. Watt
Study of The Quran (left click)
Mohammed Abdul Malek
The Quran, Morality and Critical Reason (right click, save as)
Muhammad Shahrur
The Natural Republic (right click, save as)
Qur'an and Woman: Rereading the Sacred Text from a Woman's Perspective (left click)
Amina Wadud

Interpreting Quran (left click)
Abdullah Saeed
Project Root List - Quran Dictionary, Concordance and Grammar book in one (PDF file, word searchable)

Significant Studies of Hadith
Introduction to Islamic Theology and Law (left click) or download HERE (right click, save as)
Ignaz Goldziher
The Origins of Muhammadan Jurisprudence (left click)
or download HERE (right click, save as)
Joseph Schacht
Muslim Tradition: Studies in Chronology, Provenance and Authorship of Early Hadith (right click, save as)
Juynboll, G.H.A.
Encyclopedia of Canonical Hadith (rare book)
Juynboll, G.H.A

Rethinking Tradition in Modern Islamic Thought (right click, save as)

Summary: article (left click), or read book online (left click)
Daniel Brown
The Development of Exegesis in Early Islam (left click)
Summary of Hadith Criticism
Herbert Berg
Hadith: Re-evaluation (right click, save as)
Kassim Ahmad
Hadith as Scripture (left click)
Aisha Musa
The Opponents of the Writing of Traditions in Early Islam (left click) or Word file (right click, save as)
Michael Cook
An Introduction to the Hadith (right click, save as)
John Burton
The Hadith Conspiracy (right click, save as)
Muhammad Asadi
The Canonization of Al Bukhari and Muslim or RIGHT CLICK save as
Jonathon Brown

Hadith: Muhammad's Legacy in the Medieval and Modern World
Jonathan Brown

Some links on problems in so-called "sahih" hadith: (right click, save as)
(right click, save as)
Myths, Realities, Hadith: A Critical Study (right click, save as)
100 Fabricated Hadith (right click, save as)

Islamic Law and History
Islamic Economics: History (right click, save as)
AN INTRODUCTION TO ISLAMIC LAW (right click, save as)
Joseph Schacht

The sources of Islamic Law: Islamic theories of abrogation. (left click)
John Burton

Abu `Ubaid al-Qasim b. Sallam's K. al nasikh wa al- mansukh  (right click, save as)
One of the earliest works on Abrogation Theories.
John Burton
Collection of The Quran (left click) or Part 1 (right click, save as) and Part 2 (right click, save as)
John Burton
Studies in Early Muslim Jurisprudence (left click)
Norman Calder

Al Shafii's Risala: Treatise on the foundations of Islamic Jurisprudence (right click, save as)
Majid Khadduri

a history of islamic law (right click, save as)
noel j coulson

A History of Arab Dress: from the Dawn of Islam to Modern Times (right click, save as)
N. Stillman
Rituals of Islamic Monarchy (right click, save as)
Andrew Marsham
God's Caliph (right click)
Patricia Crone
Muhammad and the Believers: At the Origins of Islam (right click, save as) or HERE (left click)
Fred M. Donner
Conspiraces Againt The Quran (right click, save as)
Dr Syed Abdul Wadud

The Idea of Idolatry and the Emergence of Islam: From Polemic to History (left click) G.R. Hawting, David Morgan
Meccan trade and rise of Islam (right click, save as)
Patricia Crone
the caliphate (left click)
sir william muir

The Quran in its Historical Context (right click, save as)
Editor: Gabriel Reynolds
History of Quranic Text (right click, save as)
M. Azami
The Origins and Evolution of Islamic Law (right click, save as)
Wael Hallaq
Seeing Islam As Others Saw It (left click)
Robert Hoyland
Hagarism: The Making of the Islamic World (left click)
Michael Cook and Patricia Crone
Speaking in God's Name: Islamic Law, Authority, Women (right click, save as)
Khaled El-Fadl
Misquoting Muhammad: challenges and choices of interpreting the prophet's legacy (left click)
Jonathan Brown

The Development Of Islamic Ritual
Editor: G. R. Hawting
Excellent articles about salat (called 'prayer') in early Islam: (left click) or HERE (left click)

Dr Shabbir Ahmed
Thus Speaks The Quran (right click, save as)
Who wrote The Quran? (right click, save as)
Criminals of Islam (right click, save as)
Islam: The True History and False Beliefs (right click, save as)
When is the Messiah Coming? (right click, save as)
Dual Islam (right click, save as)
Islam for the Junior (right click, save as)

Ghulam Ahmad Parwez
Pause and Reflect: Quranic Advice (left click)
Islam: a Challenge to Religion (left click)
Jihad (right click, save as)
Quranic Laws (left click)
Quranic Permanent Values (left click)
Reason for decline of Muslims

Muhammad Asad
The Principles of State and Government in Islam (left click)
Islam at a Crossroads (right click, save as) (left click)
"This Law of Ours And Other Essays" (right click, save as)
Road to Mecca (autobiography) (right click, save as)
Message of The Quran: Translation (right click, save as)

Fazlur Rahman (left click for list of works)
Revival and Reform in Islam: A study of Islamic Fundamentalism (left click)
Islam and Modernity: Transformation of an Intellectual Tradition (right click, save as)
A framework for interpreting the ethico-legal content of The Quran (left click)
Fazlur Rahman: Quran, Prophecy, and Islamic Reform (left click)
Major Themes of Quran (right click)
Islamic Methodology In History (Word doc, right click, save as) or Islamic Methodology in History (PDF file, right click, save as) (left click)

The Reconstruction of Religious Thought in Islam (left click) or Download HERE (right click, save as)
Sir Muhammad Iqbal

Critical Thinkers for Islamic Reform: 2008 Journal (right click, save as)
Edip Yuksel and other Authors

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